Top 5 Trends in skincare and beauty photography

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Never has there been such ‘beautiful’ content being developed for the skincare and beauty industry.

The last 12 months have seen personal care become more important than ever and this has driven a number new brands entering the market and meant that standing out against your competitors is more important than ever..

At Front, Back and Sides we love creating product photography for our skincare and beauty clients (and we have shot for a lot). We love it because we get the opportunity to really explore the unique characteristics of each brand and develop content unique to each product.

There is such a diverse range of brands emerging which is really exciting. Organic, vegan, natural are all growing and its been great to see skincare for all including for men, tweens and young men. The challenge for these brands is to create visual content that is unique to their brand and values.

Capturing the attention of your potential customer is so important when launching a new brand so here are our Top 5 trends we are seeing for skincare and beauty content that are resonating with customers;

Trend #1: Colour blocking

This is where you take a colour and amplify it through the entire shot like we did here with Oat Body. We used the two tone colour blocking look where the backdrop was a different shade of purple to the bench.

Trend #2: Use of plinths and risers

We love this simple yet effective way to showcase the range of products. Showcasing products at different depths and heights adds texture to the image and attracts the eye.

Trend #3: Flat lay

Whether it be geometric or ‘scattered’ flat lay customer love these visuals and they are a great way to show off your range.

Trend #4: Showcasing key ingredients

This is where you can use visual content to show the ingredients that are in the product.

Trend #5: Product smears

Showcase the texture of your products and give your customers greater insight into how the product will apply.

So no matter what your product, at Front, Back and Sides we love creating content aligned to your brand.

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