The role of Retouching in Product Photography.


Retouching, or photo editing as some people call it, is designed to digitally manipulate a photo in order to make it look as desired. This can include eliminating things, changing shapes, resizing, or altering colours and textures.

The amount of retouching you need will heavily depend on the initial image as well as the desired end effect.

Included in every shoot is basic retouching, however we also provide more advanced retouching for clients who have this need.

What is the Difference between Basic and Advanced Retouching?

Basic retouching includes things like colour corrections where we adjust exposure, intensity, shadows, and detail. We can also remove imperfections such as stray hair on a jacket or specks of dust on a glass. Resizing and changing format is also included.

Meanwhile, advanced retouching involves more sophisticated techniques such as the removal of wrinkles or the manipulation of shapes. Different techniques at background editing or removal also fall under the advanced category. For fashion photography, our ghost mannequin technique which makes items of clothing look worn by an invisible person is an advanced technique.

Retouching is important for all products but especially important for fashion photography where displaying an item accurately is critical for reducing returns from customers expecting something else.

We offer basic retouching on Beauty, Model, and FMCG shoots. Meanwhile, our team provide advanced retouching on drinks and fashion photography. In fact, fashion photography using our ghost mannequin is one of our most popular services.

If you have have any questions, or if you have a shoot coming up then feel free to contact us to discuss your needs

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