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Model shoots are an excellent way to show off your product range – models can be used for anything from full length fashion shots, to up close for things like accessories and jewellery, to hand modelling and using your products.

They give your customers an idea and a feel for how your products look, feel and function.

Models are also ideal for look books for a new season fashion range, or to highlight your skincare and cosmetic brand. Model photographs portray a professional standard, which increases brand reliability and puts you in line with other top ecommerce brands! It sets you apart from Amazon stores and adds a personal touch to your brand.

These shoots don’t need to be expensive – we can do a half day or a full day rate depending on your needs.

Mood board

For this shoot our experienced creative team worked up a mood board. We included examples of poses, lighting, colours and clothing. This meant that all the team were on the same page.


Our stylist (Irene) was vital, ensuring that our model and her clothes were portrayed the best they could be. She kept an eye on the way the clothes fit the model and how they sat when photographed as well as combining other accessories to go with the look.

She had a meticulous eye for what looked best and was able to help organise different looks quickly, which really elevated the shoot. (Don’t they look great!)


For this shoot we sourced Pippa our model (who was awesome). Models can make or break a shoot, and need to be comfortable in front of the camera. Of course you can arrange your own model if you wish or we have access to modelling agencies and freelance models of all ranges and can arrange these for you, fuss free.


We used a combination of White, Blue, Fushia and Dark Grey backdrops. We can match our backdrops to your shoot to create looks which are aligned to your product and brand.


Suki (Photographer) provided all the lighting set up and model direction. From the poses to adding movement our photographer was key in capturing the perfect shots.


Your image isn’t done there! All of our images go through a retouching process. We pay the upmost attention to detail to ensure images are consistent, colour graded, and all the little things are cleaned up to give a clean, professional images.


For every shoot there has to be a playlist and given Suki has the best music taste of us all, we leave her in charge of this!

Curious? Want to find out how you can elevate your product photography? Feel free to send contact us and our Studio Manager will talk you through anything you need to know!

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