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We had the pleasure of working with Millon and on the journey from conception to completion of their content and just love their new gorgeous website.

Millon Wines is a family-owned South Australian winery. The Millon team work hard to create award-winning boutique wines and needed the imagery on their website to reflect these brand values. 

So when Millon Wines approached us to shoot their range of wines for their newly created website, we jumped on the opportunity.

After consulting with Millon and finding out more about their brand and purpose we went to work on creating some concepts that Millon then approved and set the ball rolling for locking in the shoot date.

On the day of the shoot, we used three light sources; one for the background, a main source to one side and double diffused, and a direct light through a polarizing gel to even out the labels.

The lens also has a polarizing filter on it to achieve the final result.

How the bottles are positioned, the backdrop and the lighting all contribute to the aesthetics of the photography, in this case hero-ing the product and creating elegance was key.

Professional results, with no hassle

Our services are tailored around the needs of your wine bottles. We understand that each bottle has different needs, so our photographers will work with you to create unique images that represent your wine in the best possible way.

Excellent Customer Service

We know that when it comes to your bottle photography, you want a team that takes care of all the details and does everything possible to make sure you’re happy with their work. That’s why we offer excellent customer service, from start to finish.

Fast Turnaround

FBS is a professional photography studio dedicated to providing our clients with fast turnaround times and turnkey services. From start to finish, we’ll take care of everything for you while giving you total peace of mind!

FBS is a leading wine bottle photography company that takes the time and effort to ensure your product gets the best shot possible.

Contact Us if you have any questions or want to chat about your next shoot.

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