Focus Stacking for Jewellery Photography


For those of you who operate an online business in Sydney, product photography can make or break your ability to connect with potential customers. After all, photos are the best way to truly show off the uniqueness of your items. This can be particularly important for sellers of jewellery who can utilize an innovative technique called focus stacking to truly make their items stand out.

Why Is Focus Stacking Needed?

Jewellery tends to have very fine details that need to be captured up close. Thus, these types of items are typically photographed with something called a macro lens. These lenses are perfect for taking sharp photos of rather tiny objects.

However, there is a problem with taking e-commerce photography using macro lenses. Since the photo is taken with the lens just centimeters away from the product, it is not possible to focus on all parts of the item.

Think about when you take a photo of a landscape with your normal camera. You can focus on an object in the foreground or one in the background. Whichever object you do not focus on will be lacking in detail. This same concept is an issue with macro lenses only on a much smaller scale.  Focus stacking can fix it.

What Is Focus stacking?

Simply put, focus stacking uses photoshop to merge several different closeup pictures of a small item such as a ring or necklace in order to capture a clear image that highlights all of its parts. This is the perfect technique for getting crisp, clean images of very tiny products.

Consider taking a photo of an engagement ring. You can take separate photos from the same distance that focus on unique aspects of the ring. You’d typically have a photo that focuses on the diamond, one that focuses on the back of the band, one that focuses on the sides, and so on.

Next, these images are loaded into photoshop where they are merged to create one seamless photo with the entire ring in focus. Focus stacking is a very useful technique for jewellery as well as other small items with lots of detail.

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