Agency and Partners

Whether you are a social media agency, advertising agency or category partner we welcome you to Front, Back and Sides. We would love to work with you to create high quality, creative content that is aligned with your client's brand and objectives.

We specialise in product photography & content for eCommerce websites and digital marketing. We offer a service that is on-time, on - brief and on-budget.

Additional value we can provide your clients:

  • Client lounge - clients who come on site for their shoots are welcome to relax in our client lounge
  • Tour of the Workit eCommerce Hub - with our studio located in this unique innovation hub, clients love seeing the showroom set up and facilities offered for eCommerce brands (duration 15 minutes)
  • Presentations - we are happy to attend in person or via web and can present on a number of topics including what's involved in a photography shoot, current trends in product photography, best product imagery for your website (duration 10min - 45min)
  • Checklists, tools and guides - we can provide downloadable guides and briefing documents to help educate and develop your clients.

Why Choose Front Back & Sides

Our collective experience enables us to provide creative, on - brief content for your clients. With pricing packages for every budget, we will ensure your shoots are turned around in a timely manner and with the greatest efficiency and most importantly... that your clients are happy.

Contact us today to chat more about your clients needs.

How do I get started?

Contact us today to chat more about your clients needs.