6 Tips on how to choose a Sydney Product Photography Studio

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Need a product photography studio in Sydney? This six step checklist will help you find the best studio and photographer for your business and budget.

You want to create scroll stopping product photography for your online store and social media – and for good reason: Shopify research shows that 90% of online shoppers state they’re more likely to purchase a product based on the quality of product photographs.

The team at Front Back and Sides put together this Sydney product photography studio guide for the savvy business owner, the brand manager and the digital marketer who’s out to create the best online shopping experience for their customers.

A professional product photography studio in Sydney should offer:

  1. A modern mix of product photography and editing services
  2. Clear pricing
  3. The ability to deliver mood boards and organise the shoot themselves
  4. Options to engage a stylist or offer DIY styling
  5. A contactless, send and shoot service
  6. Good reviews and happy customers

Let’s get into the details:

A well-rounded product photography offering

Professional product photography studios go beyond static product shots. A quality outfit will deliver styled shoots, 360 degree photography (for GIFs or videos), concept creation services. Leaders in the category have a combination of product cycloramas for detail shots and flat lays, and a full-sized cyclorama for model shots and product “walk” videos so popular on marketplaces and high-end fashion brand websites.

Clear pricing

The pricing should be easy to understand with no hidden costs. Expect to see a breakdown of photography on a per image basis, half or full day studio hire rates, styled shoots and any specialist editing you require. Top operators will provide a fast turnaround service so you know when you’ll get your imagery – (eCommerce is fast-paced business!)

Pro tip! You can find great value in bundling options together so a studio can focus on your shoot and styling with less changes to set up during the day.

The Ability to Conceptualise and Organise the Shoot

You’ll likely be asked to provide reference shots you like or are inspired by, and perhaps you’ve already got a mood board sorted on Pinterest. But a studio or photographer that asks you to run around providing props and organise a concept for them may indicate a lack of experience in styling and sourcing (which means more costs and less time saved for you).

A range of product stylists

Product photography styling is time consuming and takes practice! The set up for food styling, for example, is very different to flat lays for apparel and beauty products.

You might want to style your product shoot yourself, but just be ready to work at a faster pace than you would if taking imagery at home. A studio will want to deliver value for your money. If you’re not entirely confident in your product styling or want to take advantage of stylists who’ve worked with the photographer in that studio before, ask them to outline your options.

A contactless, send and shoot service

If you’re running your own business or getting ready to launch a new shipment of products, you’re likely strapped for time.

Look for a product photography studio that offers secure storage and the ability to send your products in without having to be onsite. You might love to be there for that first shoot, but once you find a great Sydney studio to partner with, a remote Send and Shoot service is a game-changing time saver. Win!!

Happy customers

Read the reviews of prior customers – did they feel comfortable with the Sydney studio’s process? Did the studio team communicate well and support the customer through the myriad of creative choices? Did the customer love the results?

We hope this checklist helps you feel confident in choosing the right Sydney product photography studio for your business and budget.

If you’ve liked this guide and you’re looking for a team to help you create jaw dropping content for your ecommerce store and social media channels, why contact us for a no obligation chat.

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Front, Back & Sides is a product photography studio in Sydney. We are dedicated to producing content for eCommerce & social media, our team of professionals keep up with emerging trends in product photography, video and product styling so your products and digital marketing is eye-catching and high converting.

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