2024 Product Photography Trends: What’s In & What’s Out

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In the dynamic world of product photography 2024 promises to build on recent trends, however there are a few exceptions. Below we explore our top 3 trends for what will stay in in 2024 and whats out!

What’s In…

What’s In #1 : Diversity in models:

In the spotlight of 2024 is the celebration of diverse models in product photography. The industry continues to move toward recognizing that beauty knows no bounds. Inclusivity takes center stage, with brands seeking to represent a wide spectrum of ethnicities, body types, and genders. Not only is this just about visual aesthetics; it’s a powerful narrative that resonates with diverse audiences, enhancing the brand’s connection with its consumers.

Image credit: Front, Back and Sides

What’s In #2: Natural and Eco styling

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a commitment shaping the visual narrative of product photography. The trend of natural and eco styling involves incorporating organic elements, recycled materials, and eco-friendly backdrops. Brands are aligning with environmentally conscious practices, creating visuals that not only showcase products but also communicate a brand’s commitment to ethical choices. The result is a visual story that resonates with the growing demand for eco-friendly and socially responsible products.

Image credit; Front, Back and Sides

Photo of dachshund surrounded by a range of eco products
Product photography image of green can of beer next to a poured glass of beer on a green background

What’s In #3: Bold Matching Colour Palettes

Vivid palettes of bold backgrounds take the spotlight. Experimentation with vibrant colours that either compliment or contrast the product are becoming commonplace, allowing brands to define their identity and capture the attention of their audience. The backdrop becomes an integral part of the storytelling process, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the product. This trend invites photographers to play with colors, creating compositions that stand out in the competitive landscape of product photography.

Image credit: Front, Back and Sides

What’s Out…

For every trend that is growing there are always trends that we start to see drop off. With the introduction of AI tools there is definitely a shift away from over produced content to ensure it is authentic and representative of the brand.

Photo of cosmetics laid out and photographed from above

Whats Out #1: Top Down Styled Flat Lays

I wouldn’t say they are gone all together but no longer are they the go-to styled shot. Brands are seeking images that tell a story from various angles, providing a holistic view of the product. The shift is towards a more natural and engaging visual narrative that captures the essence of the product in diverse settings.

Image credit: Canva

What’s Out #2: Busy & Fussy Images

In 2024, less is more. Busy and fussy images are giving way to a cleaner, more simplified approach. Brands are recognizing the power of simplicity in conveying their message effectively. Consumers are drawn to visuals that highlight the product without unnecessary distractions, allowing the product’s features and uniqueness to shine through.

Image credit: Canva.

Photography of a range of cosmetics laid out in no particular order
Product photography image of beauty products on a purple background with dry ice

What’s Out #3: Overly Produced and Retouched Photos

The artificial and heavily retouched images, especially those featuring pink and purple hues reminiscent of bubblegum, are taking a back seat. The trend is shifting towards authenticity, embracing natural tones and textures. Brands are opting for a more genuine representation of their products, steering away from excessive retouching to create visuals that resonate with authenticity-conscious consumers.

Image credit: Canva

There you have it – our quick wrap up of 2024 where we will be celebrating diversity, shifting more towards natural and eco styling and using colour to create images that sell.

On the flip side, the static top-down styled flat lays are giving way to dynamic perspectives that provide a holistic view of products. The era of over-styled and fussy images is waning, making room for a more simplified, cleaner approach and heavy retouching and artificial hues are being replaced by authenticity.

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2024 Product Photography Trends: What’s In & What’s Out

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